Sep 25

Case Study: How SlashedCloud's $0.11 per GB Transformed

Join us in celebrating Cineserie extraordinary journey as one of our earliest clients. Discover how they achieved a whopping 45% reduction in their monthly expenses.

Case Study: How SlashedCloud's $0.11 per GB Transformed

We're thrilled to share our remarkable journey through our partnership with SlashedCloud!

We fully migrated our image processing service from an Image Engine, by another service provider, to SlashedCloud's On-the-Fly Service. The results have been nothing short of spectacular.

Seamless Migration

To start off, one of the most remarkable aspects of our migration to SlashedCloud was the seamless transition. With just a simple specification that we were using the imgeng processor, we effortlessly migrated our service, ensuring that our existing image parameters (URL query strings) remained intact. The best part? Everything continued to function flawlessly. Smooth and efficient.

Flexible Credit System

We have the flexibility to top up our credits at any moment, or we can set up automatic top-ups as we go. What truly sets this service apart is their commitment to fairness: they never charge us if our images are not delivered. In the rare event of a failure, our users still see the original image. It's this customer-centric approach that reassures us of their dedication to our success. Also, each month, if our credit balance dips below 50, SlashedCloud generously awards us 100 promotional credits, absolutely free. This translates to roughly 20,000 on-the-fly transformed images and 10GB of data transfer, 100% free. It's a gesture that not only provides cost relief but also demonstrates their commitment to fostering long-term partnerships.

Cost Optimization

In our previous partnership, we operated under a custom, premium-tier, pricing model that employed the "Smart Bytes" system. Within this structure, our monthly investment of around $470 granted us an allocation of 750 GB of Smart Bytes, equating to a per-GB cost of approximately $0.60.

This is where SlashedCloud's pricing model truly stands out as exceptional. With one credit priced at approximately 0.01 EUR, the cost per GB is set at only 0.10 EUR (approx. $0.11 per GB of Data Transfer). This pricing left us deeply impressed and revealed significant reductions in our image processing expenses.

Improved Caching System

Thanks to SlashedCloud's innovative layered-cache system, we now consistently achieve an average of at least 60% cache hits from a total of 8 million monthly requests (data from August 2023). As you should know, in cache-hit situations, SlashedCloud only charges data transfer fees. This led to an even more substantial impact on our total cost.

The Silver Bullet

SlashedCloud has enabled us to reduce our monthly spending to under 300 EUR, approximately $260. This represents a total saving of around 45%, in comparison to our previous quote. They not only slashed our costs to half but has also elevated the quality of the service we provide to our users. This service is now an invaluable asset to our operations, we eagerly anticipate the benefits that future innovations will bring to our collaboration, specially the upcoming AV1 Video Encoding Service.

Thank you, SlashedCloud, for being a key contributor to our success story!

Warm regards,

Representative of

Metric Previously SlashedCloud
Cost ~$470 ~$260 -44.68%
Success Rate (2xx) 91.3% 97.44% +6.96%
Average Request Time (ms) >420 >330 -21.43%
Average File Size (kb) In: 278 In: 278 -
Out: 125.2 Out: 97.8 -21.95%

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