SlashedCloud makes it financially viable to encode all your content library to the next generation codecs, allowing higher quality video streaming and bandwidth savings to your users.
Our cloud-based solution to transcode video to AVC, HEVC and AV1 codec is proving cheaper than any of the in-house solutions we have encountered so far.


At SlashedCloud, we're committed to providing you with top-of-the-line video encoding solutions. Our service is designed to meet your unique needs, ensuring the perfect balance between video quality and file size efficiency. Here are some of the key features that set us apart:

Flexible Codec, Resolution and Frame Rates

We support original videos in almost all available codecs and encode them to H.264, H.265, AV1 (VP8, VP9 and H.266 coming soon), with resolutions up to 8K 60fps

Thumbnails and Storyboards

Generate thumbnails at given intervals or create a storyboard/timeline preview to show when seeking through the video

Smart Orientation

Our encoders detect the orientation of your original video based on metadata like width, height, aspect ratio and rotation, ensuring its always upright

Preview Clips

Extract segments of the original video and merge them into a short preview clip showcasing the best parts of your content

Crop and Watermark

You can crop your videos to the desired aspect ratio and add watermarks to ensure your content is protected and presented in the best possible way

Seamless API Integration

Integrate our API into your application's workflow to generate video encoding requests seamlessly with callbacks to notify you when the work has finished

Tailored Solutions

If you have specific requirements not covered by our standard options, our dedicated support team is here to assist you. We're flexible and committed to accommodating your unique encoding parameters.

How it works


1 Place the original video file on it's S3 bucket or FTP space


2 Call our API asking for an encoding job over the original video file


3 SlashedCloud encoding servers will process the job requested


4 Get the encoded video file requested, on the desired S3 bucket or FTP space

Expected Compression by Codec and Resolution

Average file size for a 10 min 30 fps video

Try it for free with €100 free credits available immediately when you sign up.

AV1 compatibility is increasing all the time

Estimate your monthly encoding cost with SlashedCloud

Video Encoding Job has a base price of €0.00033 per second


Total Cost

Encoded Seconds (Video Duration)
60 s


Input Resolution - 1080p (FHD)
Priority - Low
Output Resolution - 1080p (FHD)
Output Video Codec - H.264
Output Framerate - 30
Billed Seconds 90 s
For inquiries about pricing or customized plans please reach out.

Don't overpay for things you don't need and use

At SlashedCloud you pay as you go by second of video encoded, not by minute, hours, or "package deal" memberships.

Pricing examples and comparison: *

* As of February 2024.

SlashedCloud AWS Bitmovin Brightcove Zencoder
90 min - 1080P in AV1 €5.40 €69.98 €40.50 €202.50
90 min - 4K in AV1 €26.92 €139.97 €81.00 €405.00
90 min - 1080P in H.265 €5.40 €21.60 €9.00 €101.00
90 min - 4K in H.265 €26.92 €43.20 €18.00 €205.00
Total €64.64 €274.75 €162.00 €913.50
Find more about price comparison and pricing details on our blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We have our exclusive hardware encoders and software libraries. We rely on Cloudflare for protection and speed optimization. We use SvelteJS along with nodeJS for our dashboard. We use shell scripting, AWS API GW, AWS Lambda, AWS dynamoDB, AWS SQS, AWS EC2, AWS ECS and many other AWS services. We are almost 100% serverless and have fully automated pipelines ensuring maximum uptime / reliability for our encoding service.

    For more information, please read our tech stack blog post.